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Hedonism in San Francisco

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Lunch at Bar Bambino with the crew of Vinfolio
2007 Alto Adige, Cantina Ter lano terlaner
2007 Cos Nero d:Lupo (Nero d'Avola)
1996 Produttori, del Barbaresco Rabaja
2004 Parusso Mariodino x 2( favorite)
NV Martelletti Brachetto

Bubble Lounge:

NV Deutz Champagne

Dinner at Quince:

NV Valmur, Champagne
2005 Carriolon Perrier  Puligny Montrachet
2004 Compt Lafon clos de la Earre, Mersault
1997 Bryant - corked bottle (ouch)
1997 Gaja Sori Tilden
1990 Jadot Corton
1990 F. Magnien, Echezeuax

Carriolon matched the small plates
Gaja went splendidly with suckling pig dish
The Jadot Corton was the overall favorite wine of the night


Lunch at The Slanted Door

Spring Rolls
Crispy Hake Collar
Beef Pho Soup

2005 Austiran Reisling (?) Smarg

Wine Tasting at Vin Vino in Palo Alto

Vertical of Vieux Telegraph CDP - 1995- 2007

Loved the 2006 and 2007
95 drinking with a lot of Brett

Vin Vino was kind enought to offer a bottle of 1994 Bryant at a reasonable price to make up for the corked 1997 we experienced on Friday.

Dinner - The Dining Room at the Ritz Carlton

1999 Deibolt Vallois, Fleur De Passion, Blanc de Blanc Brut
2004 Morey Cosefinee Chasagne Montrachet
2000 Dujac Bonne Mares
1990 Guigal La Mouline

The deibolt champagne was spectacular
The chef had me a roast suckling pig (again!)
The Dujac continues to shine and the La Mouline was, of course a blockbuster but still accessible now.
PS: All of the red wines were open and decanted  for 3 hours.

Wine and Cheese at RN 74:

1990 Clos de Lemarche Grands Echezeux
1997 Louis Jadot Chambolle Musigny

At this point we were racing the clock to daylights savings time ending.
The wines were tight at first but opened after an hour of air and decanting.  The Clos de Lemarche was a spectacular surprise. (never heard of this wine before).

Christie Dufault - Sommelier was extraordinarily helpful and patient with us.


Lunch at Boulette Larder

Fried Ham, applesauce and cornbread
2005 Givry

Irish Coffee and Magic Tricks at Buena Vista

Champagne Dinner at Manressa with extraordinary dishes prepared by two Michelen Star chef David Kinch. The food was paired with seven grower champagnes. (See Richard Jennings tasting notes in Cellar Tracker for details)

After dinner: 2007 Anthill Pinot Noir, Tena Marie
This wine is drinking beautifully young and is very well balanced.  It has an amazing nose and finish.

Note: Best meal of the weekend.
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What people are saying (3)

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petesf commented (6 years ago)
I'd never even heard of Boulette's Larder, but that ham and cornbread means I'll be checking it out this weekend.
Ricknat1 commented (6 years ago)
How did the Vieux Telegraph CDP pair with the Vietnamese? I miss the Slanted door
petesf commented (6 years ago)
Looks like San Francisco is treating you very well!
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