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#28 - 2008 Domaine Romanee-Conti St. Vivant (Marey Monge)

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During the Medieval era, the original owners of the St. Vivant estate developed what would later become Grand Cru wines on multiple vineyards. St. Vivant consists of many owners today, but Domaine Romanée-Conti is by far the largest owner of vines in the area. The Pinot Noir grown in St. Vivant consists of 5.28 hectares of vines, making it one of the largest estates owned by Romanée-Conti today. The vines on this estate are relatively young compared to other DRC terroirs, averaging about 34 years.

The terroir is expressed fully in St. Vivant through the deep limestone and clay soils. In fact, this estate has deeper soils than nearly any other owned by DRC, which means that it produces mature-tasting grapes, even on young vines. The high concentration of clay in the soil also gives these wines a lighter, more feminine character than other DRC offerings.

In 2008, DRC witnessed later than usual harvests due to the relatively cool season. Unlike the hot summer of 2009, the weather in 2008 was wet throughout the summer. This region's wines were high in acidity from the cold weather, but were not flawed by molding or similar issues caused by rain in other areas of France that year. Clive Coates lists wines from DRC as some of the finest examples of 2008 Burgundy, as the estate pulled the bold flavors out of its wines even without a characteristically warm summer.