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#15 - 2010 Chateau Petrus Bordeaux

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While Chateau Petrus is one of the smallest estates in the Bordeaux region, it is largely considered to be the finest producer in Pomerol. Jean-François Moueix and his family tend to the 11.4 hectares on the estate, producing fewer than 30,000 bottles per year. Pomerol has never been officially classified for its wines, yet many think the clay-rich terroir produces the best Merlot vintages in the world. Since 2010, Chateau Petrus has produced its Bordeaux exclusively from Merlot grapes, avoiding more traditional blends that combine Merlot with Cabernet Sauvignon.

The Grand Vin only accepts the best grapes from the estate's small harvests, allowing them to age in 50 percent new oak for at least one year. The estate is so small that harvesters working by hand can often finish the entire harvest in one day.

Among the finest vintages from Petrus are the 2009 and 2010, since in those years Pomerol experienced warmer weather conditions ideal for growing Merlot. The high acidity and firm tannins in the 2010 Chateau Petrus provide the wine with decades of cellaring potential. It also has one of the highest alcohol concentrations of any Merlot produced on the estate in recent years.