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#10 - 2010 Chateau Latour Bordeaux

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Chateau Latour is a First Growth Classification estate known for having the finest-aging wines in the world. It produces three red wines on its 78-hectare vineyard, but keeps the grapes grown for its Grand Vin closest to the heart of the estate for careful tending.

Chateau Latour is one of the first truly modernized estates in Bordeaux, having replaced their oak fermentation methods with stainless steel vats that let winemakers control the temperature of the wine more precisely. While the estate has also decided to replant many of its vines, it has left its Grand Vin vines untouched, maintaining the traditional tastes of the grapes.

When El Niño struck Bordeaux in 2010, wines there developed a well-structured, complex flavor due to the drought-like conditions. The weather cooled in August and September, which caused the acidity of the grapes to spike in time for the harvest. The result, the 2010 Chateau Latour, has both intense flavors and firm tannins.