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1967 Yquem
Cork was in poor condition and the wine was, unfortunately, that way as well.

(Tasted Sep 2, 2011)

scottto 98

1990 Yquem
Yellow gold in color. Medium rim variation. Medium legs. Tropical fruits and vanilla on the nose. Botrytised, caramel and tropical flavors. Medium/Full bodied. Satin-like texture. Long finish. A brilliantly tasty wine.

(Tasted Sep 1, 2011)

scottto 95

1997 Yquem
Yellow golden color, medium bodied and legs. Aromas of honey and spices. Unctuous. Warmed apricot flavor. Hints of orange and orange peel later. Fruity flavors linger softly for a full minute. Straightforward. Lovely wine.

(Tasted Jul 16, 2011)

scottto 95

1998 Yquem
Light gold in color. Minimal aromatics. Unique, smooth, creamy flavors. Light/Medium bodied. Silky texture coats the mouth for ages. Long finish, that our group timed over 120 seconds, with changing undertones throughout the finish. I think this is an underrated Yquem for it's smooth creamy, if not powerfully sweet, qualities.

(Tasted Jun 25, 2011)

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Pick up
Picked up a couple bottles of 2000 Chateau d'Yquem from the very fine Vinopolis Wine Shop in Portland, Oregon while there for Thanksgiving weekend.  If you're ever in the area, you should check out the store, great selection...

Created  Dec 3, 2011

Get some too!
Vinfolio offerring 1988 Chateau D'Yquem (375 mL) for a very competitive price in the Marketplace.  I bought two of these hard to find half bottles for my collection.

Created  Sep 25, 2011

Added a bottle of 1999 Yquem today at a nice cost basis.  It's a vintage I haven't owned so it fit nicely into the empty slot in the collection.

Created  Sep 12, 2011

Mixed week...
A mixed week.  Enjoyed a 1990 Yquem.  What a great wine!  Bought a 1996 (which I have not owned before) and 2002 Yquem to add to the collection.  Sounds like a great week, huh?  Well we opened our 1967...

Created  Sep 11, 2011

Yes!Snagged a 2003 Yquem for a nice price.  My third of that vintage and the best cost basis.  Should drink nicely!

Created  Aug 25, 2011