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2010 Belle Glos - Pinot Noir Clark & Telephone Vineyard
This is what Pinot Noir should be in my opinion, but admittedly, I'm not a big Pinot Noir fan. Incredibly viscous, fall spices, deep red fruit, full bodied and a beautiful finish. I could drink this every day.

(Tasted Jan 31, 2013)

2008 Shannon Ridge - Zinfandel
What a nice Zinfandel for under $15. Well-balanced. Cherries and Raspberries with a touch of roasted meat on the nose and a healthy dose of vanilla oak mid-palate. Solid finish that goes back to the fruit qualities. Not winning any awards, but drinks better than some Zins at twice the price.

(Tasted Jan 3, 2013)

2009 Orin Swift - Machete
Deep purple with slightly red edge. Rough, new world wine. Mellowed in the glass over the course of an hour, but just ended up with flabby fruit. May have been slightly biased with the high bar set by The Prisoner, but my girlfriend, who has a better palate than mine, agreed completely with me. A brash fruit bomb that mellows into nothing. Would be an enjoyable party wine at half the price.

(Tasted Jan 3, 2013)

2003 Lost Highway - Shiraz Stella's Garden
Wow, what a killer Shiraz. Really ripe red fruit against Stilton cheese and white truffles. So concentrated it was almost stinky, but in a wonderful way. Silky mouth feel, just enough tannins for structure. Blown away by this wine and I try to be pretty objective.

(Tasted Jan 3, 2013)

NV Gruet - Brut Blanc de Noirs
A mousse befitting a much more expensive sparkling but really quite one-dimensional. Granny Smith apple and a touch of pear weren't really framed by anything else. A nice tart sparkling for the money, for sure.

(Tasted Jan 3, 2013)

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