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Founder and publisher of purely domestic wine report, the only independent subscriber-based wine review magazine dedicated exclusively to California, Oregon and Washington. Available in digital, PDF and print.
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dougwilder 95-97

2007 Buccella - Cabernet Sauvignon Cuvee Katrina Eileen
Barrel Sample - Aged in 100% Darnajou barrels, the wine is in its second vintage. Shows an ultra-intense Syrah-like color Aroma: deep and intense with gooey blue and black fruits and an an underlying sense of tobacco, cocoa and nutmeg Palate: focused and centered, the palate is refreshingly structured showing classic mid-valley benchland character, elements of cranberry and gobs of sculpted black fruits Impression: a little coffee and spice along with well defined black and deep red fruits - excellent texture

(Tasted May 18, 2009)

dougwilder 96-98

2007 Buccella - Merlot
Barrel Sample - Visually, the wine coats the glass with a viscous magenta glycerin, slowly morphing into sheets of tears. Aroma: licorice, coffee and a fast moving core of pure blackberry, currant and cherry Palate: extremely concentrated and profoundly dense coffee, blackberry, sandalwood and prune Impression: extraordinary in purity, the oak integrates nicely with several hours of air at this stage

(Tasted May 18, 2009)

dougwilder 91-93

2007 Buccella - Cabernet Sauvignon
Barrel Sample -Of the three wines, the Cabernet was nearly impenetrable when poured at the winery. With hours of air, it is beginning to flesh out. I will be very interested how it progresses in the next 11 months Aroma:blackberry and polished spice notes, vanilla and hints of black plum and blossoms (geranium?) Palate: firm and focused, beginning to show length after 10+ hours Impression: Not too worried about the direction it is going - this wine has been a consensus mid 90 point wine since inception.

(Tasted May 18, 2009)

dougwilder 95

2007 Buccella - Cabernet Sauvignon Cuvee Katrina Eileen
14.8% alcohol, 106 cases produced, Named for Bill and Alicia' daughter, it is the newest and most expensive addition to the Buccella lineup Aromas: A beautiful, supple nose of sandalwood, salt, pure blackberry and currant showing plenty of depth Palate: Enormously lush on the palate with flavors of plum, fig, spicy blackberry and cherry with delicate hints of herb, chocolate and graphite Impression: Vibrant acidity provides a sturdy framework for this lushly textured canvas

(Tasted Dec 20, 2009)

dougwilder 96

2007 Buccella - Merlot
14.7% alcohol, 330 cases, blended with 4% Cabernet Sauvignon, The third consecutive vintage of excellent Merlot from Buccella leaves the taster wanting very little. Aromas: Superb integration of seamless cherry, mineral and cocoa with hints of sweet herbs and yellow stone fruits Palate: Mocha, blackberry, plum, cherry are all nicely interleaved together Impression: With all of the forward fruit quality, there is also a good measure of acidity that emerges after an hour or two with air. Decanting for 20-30 minutes is recommended to show this wine at its most dazzling

(Tasted Dec 20, 2009)

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