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doctormom 83

2005 Adelaida - Cabernet Sauvignon/Syrah Chelle Mountain Reserve
Nose of toasted oak, vanilla, and mint. Voluptuous mouthfeel. Sugary sweet taste of blackberry jam with a little tobacco. Not much complexity.

(Tasted Sep 8, 2010)

doctormom 88

2001 Columbia Crest - Merlot Grand Estates
Brick red to maroon in color. Nose is bursting with warm, earthy scents and spices, a touch of anise also. The mouth is surprisingly jammy; dark and brooding, and slightly herbacious. Bold! Pair with wild game or lamb. Needs something bold to be a proper foil. An interesting Merlot.

(Tasted Aug 2, 2010)

doctormom 89+

2008 Linden Estates - Pinot Noir
Nose of vanilla, spice, cloves, and forest floor. Medium body with a moderately spicy taste. Berries follow on the pleasantly long finish. Great value!!!!

(Tasted Jul 8, 2010)

doctormom 93

2008 Mer Soleil - Chardonnay Silver Unoaked
Color and nose are butterscotch. Medium-full mouthfeel--rich. Butterscotch and ripe navel oranges lead into lingering butterscotch candy. Very nice. Is a lovely summer sipper but would go really well with tapas or hors d'oeuvres!

(Tasted Jun 27, 2010)

doctormom 92

2008 A Cote - Pinot Noir Central Coast
Clear bright red in color. Bing cherries and smoke on the nose. Light, airy mouthfeel beginning with bright cherries and leading into exotic spices. Very understated. Could age a few years and develop more character.

(Tasted Jun 24, 2010)

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