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dnatrader 92

2007 Marchesi de' Frescobaldi Tenuta di Castiglioni
This is a super engineered and delicious Tuscany. Say all you want about these blended wines, I love them. Deep maroon color, oil in the glass. Old school earth on the nose with strawberry and creme to boot. Full body and firm. Some nice jams in the finish but fully composed. Highly recommend this wine.

(Tasted May 2, 2010)

dnatrader 88

2006 Terra di Vento - Aglianico Petrale
Dark burgundy color with a ruby edge. Somewhat sloppy legs coating the glass. Very unique nose. Intense black cherry musk mixed in a soup with jam. This is a full body wine, muscular and bruised fruit flavors supported by grippy tannins. Nothing subtle about this long finish - complexity delivered with pepper. This wine is funky and not for everyone. Matches well with pork and pasta.

(Tasted Apr 28, 2010)

dnatrader 90

2008 Colosi - Nero d'Avola
Quite nice. Tight cherry nose. Semi dry, medium body, nice tannins. The finish is balanced and delicious. The only rub is the slightly dull ruby red color and spotty legs. Still, an terrific wine and a great value.

(Tasted Apr 18, 2010)

dnatrader 89

2008 St Urbans-Hof - Riesling QbA Estate
Wow, this is a sweet wine. Almost like a cidra (bubbly apple wine). I was not expecting something quite this juicy! I will say this wine finished very well. Never breaking down - always maintaining its character through the finish.

(Tasted Apr 25, 2010)

dnatrader 80

2007 Louis Latour - Pinot Noir
A bit disappointing. Light translucent red with little nose to speak of. Extreme acidity with little fruit or body and a short finish. Not a good choice at this price point.

(Tasted Apr 23, 2010)

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