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2004 Cain - Cain Five
Solid Bordeaux style blend. Warm mix of cabernet cut with other berries to produce a mellow blend with great balance. Nice, but not exceptional...

(Tasted May 6, 2011)

2003 Pine Ridge - Cabernet Sauvignon Stags Leap District
Aging very nicely. 2003 ends up being a pretty great vintage. Classic cab elements - cherry, cappuccino, and a bit of earthiness. Nice long finish with soft tannins for structure. Very nice wine. Not 2001, but definitely better than '02, 04, '06... and probably better than '05. 8 bottles remaining from a case purchased upon release, figure I should finish them up in the next 5-10 years, so about a bottle per should do the trick.

(Tasted May 1, 2011)

2005 Dancing Hares - Red
I did not take formal notes, but JH did and I typed them out: "Deep dark rich color. On the nose concentrated dark black cherry, plum, blackcurrant, and raspberry fruit, followed roses, chocolate, spices, and spanish cedar with a hint of menthol. The palate is brawny but elegant and polished, full and complex with rich concentrated flavors and nice balance. The finish is generously long, rich, and complex. This wine can be enjoyed now, or will age well and improve for years." He was at 98, I was at 96. Regardless, great wine especially for a CaliBordeaux in the $100 range

(Tasted Apr 29, 2011)

2005 Sean Thackrey - Orion Old Vine (Rossi Vineyard)
Very nice nose showing sweet raspberry fruit with a touch of danky earthiness that I think it was a contribution from Mouvedre. Lots of ripe frambois-laden raspberry fruit provides an enormous bouquet. Deep, rich raspberry flavors; a huge midpalate showcases the beautiful fruit. The wine got better as it sat in the glass, showing racy forward raspberry/red oriented fruit and some leathery character adding more dimension. Delicious and a perfect example of what great Cali syrah should strive for.

(Tasted Apr 29, 2011)

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