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Tyler M

2004 Collemattoni - Brunello di Montalcino
Decanted 45 minutes. Pretty bretty. Soft plum and dark cherry flavors, with moderate acidity and soft, supple tannins. Just had a hard time getting past the brett though. Could've been lot better, and considering the modern style, I expected a cleaner drinking wine.

(Tasted Oct 6, 2013)

Tyler M

2007 Windy Oaks - Pinot Noir Henry's Block
Really singing right now. Very pretty, lithe red fruits, oak fully integrated, just a bit of spice. Could still easily go for a number of years more if you prefer your pinots with less youthful fruit, but why wait?

(Tasted Oct 6, 2013)

Tyler M 18

NV Camille Saves - Brut Rose
Fresh, vibrant red berry flavors, with yeasty undertones. Crisp and bone dry.

(Tasted Oct 4, 2013)

Tyler M

2009 Masson, Jean Apremont Vielles Vignes du Siecle
White peach, green walnut. Missing some of the expected acidity and verve of better Jacquere. I'll chock it up to the warm vintage. Drink up.

(Tasted Jun 8, 2013)

Tyler M 16.5

2007 Windy Oaks - Pinot Noir Diane's Block
Salted strawberry, sweet oak, red licorice. Still plenty of gusto, with good acid. Drinking now wouldn't be a sin, but this has plenty more left to give.

(Tasted Mar 26, 2013)

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