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SurgPA05 95

2008 Harlan - The Maiden
Clear, deep ruby core with reddening on the rim. Clean developing bouquet of red and blue fruits, chocolate and wood spice. Dry, medium bodied, well integrated flavors with an airy finesse and very quick finish. A maiden indeed.

(Tasted Apr 26, 2013)

SurgPA05 93

2008 Bodegas Launa Teo's

(Tasted Jul 20, 2012)

SurgPA05 88

2008 Lewis - Syrah Napa Valley
Opaque dense, purple in hue with little rim variation. Clean expressive aromas of blue and blackfruit, vanilla and chocolate. Dry, big, boozy (15.7%), woody palate of dark fruit, wood spice, vanilla and toasted chocolate marshmallo. A huge fruit bomb with tons of wood character....a bit disjointed and heavy on the candy....this is why I typically don't like new world syrah.

(Tasted Jul 15, 2012)

SurgPA05 92

2005 Long-Depaquit (Bichot) - Chablis La Moutonne
clear light golden in hue with watery rim. Clean expressive, youthful aromas of mineral, white peach and meyer Lemon. not quite as tight as I would expect from a Chablis but with a few years age it has opened up nicely with primary fruit showing through a moderate structure.

(Tasted Apr 17, 2012)

SurgPA05 91

2007 Hanzell - Pinot Noir Estate
New world in style but light and soft at first, almost pommardian (sic) with strawberry and cherry tart flavors with the finish showing some structure.

(Tasted Mar 1, 2012)

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