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RPerro 95

2008 Tenor - Cabernet Sauvignon
Decanted 5 hours. Beautiful Cab nose of cassis and tobacco, followed up by flavors of blackberry, currant, vanilla and oak. Hefty acid at first, with drying tannins arriving after about 6 hours. Has the legs to go another 10 years, easy.

(Tasted Feb 15, 2014)

RPerro 91

2008 Cana's Feast - Merlot Taptiel Vineyard
Decanted 2 hours. Needed it. Huge Red Mountain tannins prevailed at first. Much more approachable on Day 2, when things had mellowed out a bit. This could use another 2-3 years in the cellar for sure. On Day 2, nose is still closed down, giving up only a tiny bit of blackberry fruit. On the palate, this is big on the attack, blackberry & some earth, quite rich, but utterly overwhelming. Finish goes on for awhile, but is quite astringent still. Sweet vanilla oak is also quite present on the finish. Serious potential here, with ample decant and/or cellar time. This really just needs more time to integrate, and shame on me for popping prematurely. Ha.

(Tasted Jun 3, 2012)

RPerro 94

2007 ZanZibar - Sandra Alder Creek Vineyard
Tasted at ZanZibar Cellars 2007 Barrel Tasting Event (Clark-Lewis Restaurant, Portland, OR). Barrel sample. A blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and Syrah. I am not certain this wine is sourced 100% from Alder Creek Vineyard anymore, but winemaker Ziad Kierouz mentioned it was a Columbia Valley wine. Very fruit-forward, with blackberry and some earthiness/leather on the nose. A definite fruit explosion on the palate, with firm tannins and bright acidity. Lots of different flavors floating around, chocolate, coffee, blueberry...very tasty.

(Tasted Sep 28, 2008)

RPerro 95

2007 Zanzibar Long Wide Life
Tasted at ZanZibar Cellars 2008 Barrel Tasting Event (Clark-Lewis Restaurant, Portland, OR): This is a brand new wine from ZanZibar, 100% Syrah from Red Willow Vineyard. Deep pepper and bacon aromas, mixing with the blackberry fruit. Lots of structure, with a big wallop of fruit, finishing with pepper and dark chocolate. Absolutely stunning Syrah!

(Tasted Jun 13, 2010)

RPerro 93

2008 Zanzibar Long Wide Life
Decanted 1 hour. Impressive structure, great blackberry fruit, earthy bramble, and soy. Just a hint of pepper, but deeply smokey. This has the legs to last a while, I'll be putting some away for 5 years or so.

(Tasted Nov 23, 2011)

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