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Kholodov 83

NV Domaine Chandon - Brut Classic
Excellent value. Dry, bare-bone classic sparkling wine, imitating Moet and Chandon NV. This is definitely not a complex wine, but very pleasant and balanced. Use to make kir and belini, or drink by itself.

(Tasted Aug 28, 2010)

Kholodov 86

2004 El Coto - Coto de Imaz Gran Reserva
What a pleasant surprise. beautiful nose displaying vanilla, cedar, cigar and ripe black berries. Pleasant on mid palate - healthy acidity and strong, but elegant tannins. Abrupt finish. For under $20 - incredible value!

(Tasted Aug 28, 2010)

Kholodov 79

2008 J Lohr - Chardonnay Arroyo Seco
Classic oakey California Chardonnay with little character. Single-dimensional, primitive wine, representing excellent value for casual consumption. Not a Mersault. Not much to write home about.

(Tasted Aug 28, 2010)

Kholodov 92

1985 Cos d'Estournel
Lef in decanter for 1 hour before serving. Beautiful aromas of blackcurrant, strawberry jam, toast and dust. Higher, but pleasant acidity. Soft, withering tannins. Pleasant, soft and relatively long finish. Wine is into its retirement years. Very nice, mature experience.

(Tasted Aug 26, 2010)

Kholodov 96

1983 Margaux
Bought on auction a year ago. In decanter for one hour before serving in a company of great friends. Ruby red bordering on purple, without signs of brown. Very intricate and elegant bouquet, featuring ripe blackcurrant, sweet spices, vanilla, fresh flowers, and a very slight hint of raspberry. Very pleasant on the palate with delicate, yet marvellously delicious fruit, and, to my surprise, youthful, slightly sweet tannins and subtle acidity. The beautiful, insistent finish lasts forever. Extremely complex and balanced wine: an absolute delight, definitely still approaching peak.

(Tasted Aug 13, 2010)

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