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1975 Rieussec - R du Chateau Rieussec
Still remarkably youthful looking, and slow to evolve, this is a powerful, concentrated, and rich Sauternes, with decades of life ahead of it. Lemon, tropical fruit, and vanillin oaky aromas titillate the olfactory glands. Tight, yet rich, full-bodied flavors reveal marvelous balance and richness. It is aging at a snail's pace. Anticipated maturity: Now-2025. Last tasted, 12/90.

(Tasted Feb 3, 2007)

1999 Ruffino - Romitorio di Santedame
Like being in a Mediterranean pine forest at sun rise. An impenetrable bright red/purple color, forest fruit on the nose with a little "sting" of eucalyptus sneaking in, lively berries and plums on the palatte, spicy oak with hints of pine tree, a round / soft texture but a clean feel, harmoneous tannins and a long delicate herbaceous finish. I like this wine.

(Tasted Feb 2, 2007)

2001 Ojai - Syrah Bien Nacido Vineyard
Tightly structured, yet harmoniously balanced, this wine is approachable an hour after decanting yet will continue to develop over the next several years. Yes, it is subtle, but that's why it's so special.

(Tasted May 16, 2006)

1992 Vantage Point - Cabernet Sauvignon
Opened and decanted for 30 minutes and the wine appeared to have lost it's nose and seemed very dull on the palate.

(Tasted Feb 15, 2006)

1978 Palmer
Opened at 7:30 PM. Decanted at 7:45 for 2 hours. Initially the wine of intense ruby red color delivers sweet spice, cedar, tobacco, cigar box and blackcurrant aromas, in a very complex manner. We almost thought that the wine had missed it's peak b/c of the aromas right out of the bottle. After 1 and half hour, the wine shows much stronger in mouth with blackcurrant liquor flavors, leather, tobacco and spices. Coffee aromas completes the range of aromas of the nose. Still well balanced, it drank very well for the next 2 and half hours. Brilliant!

(Tasted Feb 15, 2006)

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