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2008 Behrens Family (Erna Schein) - Spare Me
Nice spice & pepper notes. Full bodied, deep wine. Rather one dimensional, but you always know what you're getting with Behrens wines and if you're in the mood for that style they are perfect.

(Tasted Apr 5, 2013)

2004 Behrens & Hitchcock - Cabernet Sauvignon Herrick-Moulds Vineyard
A pure expression of Napa Valley Cabernet. Medium body, cassis and red fruit profile. I think this wine is at it's peak right now, but it does not seem to be in danger of declining in the next few years.

(Tasted Sep 29, 2013)

2002 Marcassin - Pinot Noir Marcassin Vineyard
Soaring aromatics of dried porcini mushroom, earth & spices. Full bodied- almost came across as tannic. I loved the acidity in this wine. More earthy than fruity, but it did not seem in any danger of fading even at 11 years old. The finish was more than 45 seconds. Very impressive bottle.

(Tasted Feb 13, 2013)

2008 Schrader - Cabernet Sauvignon CCS Beckstoffer To Kalon Vineyard
Drank at Sweet Basil, Vail. Wow! This wine has it all. This is concentrated, intense and elegant at the same time. Not a thick fruit bomb by any means. This had a deep ruby color and opened up with an array of spice notes and cigar box notes. Very elegant on the palate. With time in the decanter berry notes, earth and minerality started to come out. I will say 98+ right now only because I detected some astringent tannins on the finish. It is young and once these integrate this will be 100 points for sure. Those who criticize Napa wines of being too ripe and over extracted need to try this wine. It is truly unique.

(Tasted Feb 11, 2013)

2004 Colgin - Syrah IX Estate
Beautiful wine. Bouquet of flowers, black currant, olive, subtle meat and a whiff of green pepper. Full bodied and very well balanced, juicy mid palate. High alcohol you know is there but this was not hot by any means.

(Tasted Dec 31, 2012)

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