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2006 Francois Cotat - Sancerre La Grande Cote
What an OUTSTANDING wine!!, This has freshness, without acidity, soft rounded - more Coxes pippin than Granny Smith - apple notes that seem to be accompanied by a hint of honey (aromatic) sweetness. This is such a nice wine that has aged into a uniquely delicious, mouthfilling delight of a wine, with a most pleasant lingering finish that you do not want to end.

(Tasted Dec 3, 2015)

1995 Mas Martinet - Clos Martinet
It is dark, clings to the glass, has deep berry fruit flavours and an inviting warm cherry style aroma. Beautifully balanced tannins, this wine continues to deliver varieties of flavours in layers on your tongue - blue berries, liquorice even the slightest hint of anise-, as it lingers to a medium to long finish.

(Tasted Oct 31, 2015)

NV Baron des Gravelines
Creamy, round, suave with beautiful honey notes. The flavours have complexity and linger on for more than 5 minutes!!

(Tasted Sep 29, 2015)

2004 Schlumberger - Gewurztraminer Kessler
This was a difficult vintage, however, this Grand Cru vineyard has treated us to a wine of great decadence.The nose resonates with fine, soapy, rose petal characters, together with a suggestion of turkish delight.The palate is supremely supple, richly decorated with layers of nectarine-like, suave fleshy fruit. Almost vendange tardive in style, given the sweetness of the fruit. This wine takes on full flavoured curries or strawberries & cream - ah, Wimbledon :-)

(Tasted Sep 29, 2015)

2005 Lallier - Millesime
Lovely golden hue, soft mousse and quite uplifting nose of white fruits freshly cut. Featured very good fruit flavours including, nectarine, cox's (orange pippin) and hints of honeyed fruit in the background. Bottle age has improved this champagne and elevated it to almost perfect drinking condition. I feel that it may yet have a year or 2 left in it. A good vintage example, with a rich and succulent quality and depth of flavour. This is a very nice champagne.

(Tasted Mar 15, 2015)

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