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2007 Ridge - Geyserville Essence
Smoky syrupy cherry appearance stretching nearly to the rim. Slosh it around and it just hangs out on the glass for a while. Nose of raisins and chocolate milk and dried flowers and spice. Sweet, structured, cherry and rhubarb. smoky and silky at the same time.

(Tasted Nov 10, 2009)

2007 Ayres - Pinot Noir Willamette Valley
Visually clear. Strawberry core to watery rim. Healthy nose. Meduim to high intensity. Fruity with cherries. Meduim sweet with little acidity and moderate tannins. Meduim alcohol. Having a hard time identifying the characters. Finish is slightly sour. Light wine with good balance. Drink now.

(Tasted Oct 3, 2008)

2003 Petit-Bocq
Clear and slightly opaque. Black cherry to ruby rim. Nose healthy. Closed slight spice hints. Very dry with low to medium acidity and loads of tannins. Low alcohol. Very tight and closed. Dryness lingers with very little finish.

(Tasted Oct 3, 2008)

1982 Mouton-Rothschild
Beyond words.

(Tasted Jan 11, 2008)

2003 Ridge - Syrah/Grenache Lytton Estate
Mediocre for Ridge. May improve with air. Open a day beforehand if drinking anytime in the near future.

(Tasted Oct 18, 2007)

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