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1995 Dominique
Classic French Bordeaux. Strong chemical/medicinal nose on opening which fades quickly. Needs to breathe, much more subtle after it has had a chance to open up. Velvety finish, lots of hints of blackberry and cherry, some leather and chocolate

(Tasted Aug 22, 2012)

1999 Monbousquet
Very French/Bordeaux in style. Smooth start with still strong tannins. Velvet finish on back of tongue. Restrained fruit, not a lot of sweetness. Medium body. Mild spice, blackberrry and cherry

(Tasted Jun 25, 2012)

1993 Beaucastel - Chateauneuf du Pape
Brought bottle out of refrigerated storage (58*) and stood it up on cunter for a couple of hours. No sediment on sides and not too much in bottom of bottle, but the final glass did show some fine sedimen. The top of the cork was completely clean with no mold, and the bottom of the cork was about 15 mm above the wine inside the bottle. The cork came out in one piece and the cork was not saturated, and the sides of the cork were completely clean. The color is ruby-garnet with some lightening at the edge, but no significant amber. The wine has thick legs that coated the interior of the glass. The wine has a bouquet of red and black fruits -- cherries, Rasberries, blackberries. There no barnyard funk or any leather notes. A light body for a Beaucastel, in my opinion. The wine is acidic on the finish with still a lot of taninns, which I think overwhelm the fruit (but it is a Beauastel!) Drink now

(Tasted Jun 25, 2012)

1982 La Lagune
Dark red with little rim variation. Absolutely no sign of oxidation! Hints of cherry, berry, dried fruits and leather on the nose. Medium bodied, smooth texture, with a long finish. Greatly reduced tannins, but they are still there along with acid notes for a silky and velvety finish. I agree with others--this wine is still drinking well. It has great fruit given its age, and may still have another couple of years left. A classic Bordeaux.

(Tasted Apr 11, 2012)

1998 Lafite-Rothschild
Spice and berry on the nose Initially very smooth, but with some acid on the tongue, then tannins on the finish Not much fruit in the mouth...very typically French Bordeaux style wine Acid and tannins recede as wine opens up

(Tasted Mar 6, 2012)

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