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2007 Gerard Charvin - Chateauneuf du Pape
Nice ruby core with a lightened meniscus...this is much more lightly colored than the other 07 neufs I have tasted...Aromas of strawberry , ripe plum , lavender , and spice box. Raspberry , black cherry , and roasted herb flavors up front in a medium weight. Mid palate shows smoke , mulberry , and a hint of caramel. Beautiful long finish with the spicy plum flavors lingering. Off the chain!!!

(Tasted Jan 22, 2010)

2007 Clos St-Jean - Chateauneuf du Pape (Vieilles Vignes)
Deep dark ruby core with purple tinges all the way to the rim. Aromas of framboise , mint , anise , and a whisp of garrigue. All the usual suspects are present on the palate in a very concentrated fashion. Raspberry , blackberry , black cherry , melted black licorice , black pepper all throughout the palate in a medium to full weight. The fruit flavors were concentrated , but not over-the-top. Beautiful long lingering finish.

(Tasted Jan 21, 2010)

2007 Cote de l'Ange - Chateauneuf du Pape Vieilles Vignes
Opaque purple color in the center...meniscus has a slight pink hue. After Audouzing for an hour and a half .... really different nose from the other 07 CdP I have been bombing. Animal musk , rose petals , anise , clove , and just a whisp of raspberry fruit in the nose. Anisette , smoke , and plum flavors up front in a full weight. Raspberry , tobacco , and black pepper in the mid palate. This is another huge wine! It tastes like it has a much higher percentage of Mourvedre than it actually does(20%). At hour 4 the nose is showing more fruit , but I will leave my other bottle alone for at least 6 months. People who complain that the fruit in 07 neufs is too overblown should try this huge sucker.

(Tasted Jan 15, 2010)

2007 Cuvee du Vatican - Chateauneuf du Pape Sixtine Reserve
The onslaught of 2007 Chateauneuf infanticide continues. Tasted yesterday....Audouzed @ 1:30 PM and consumed between 5:30 and 9PM. Deep , dark purplish core with a slightly pink edge. Aromas of ripe plum , mint , raspberry puree , and garrigue. On the palate this wine showed quite a bit of tannin , but as Bob would say it is stacked and packed with flavors. I got raspberry , anise , and black cherry flavors on the attack in a full weight. Clove , kirsch , dark chocolate , and provencal herbs mid palate...Black pepper , road tar , and blackberry in the long lingering finish. IMO this wine probably needs 2 more years in the bottle even for my tastes.

(Tasted Jan 15, 2010)

2007 Pierre Usseglio et Fils - Chateauneuf du Pape
Opaque purplish ruby colored almost to the rim. Nose shows sweet raspberry , and black cherry aromas with a hint of mint and briar in the background. Framboise , black cherry and tobacco flavors up front in a medium weight. Mid palate shows black pepper and anisette flavors with tar and black fruit nuance in the finish.

(Tasted Jan 8, 2010)

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