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San Francisco
Sparked by a boyfriend obsessed with Thomas Keller and the Zagat guide, Bernadette began learning about Bay Area cuisine and started a food-centric blog to capture what she loves to cook at home. But what to drink with her most cherished dishes? Not a clue. A self-admitted wine "newbie", Bernadette is determined to discover some of the best wines under $50 and build a personal cellar of affordable yet delightful selections.
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Bernadette 93

2004 Armando Parusso - Barolo Mariondino
There is a very distinct "ripe peach" aroma on the nose! Mouth-watering and luscious, nice balance with velvety tannins, and a smooth finish. Very unexpected for a Barolo - in a blind tasting, no one guessed that's what it was.

(Tasted Jun 17, 2011)

Bernadette 90

NV Vientos - Alcyone
A surprising treasure from Uruguay, this tannat is unbelievably velvety and rich - almost like a chocolate syrup.

(Tasted Jun 16, 2011)


2008 Tournelle - L'Uva Arbosiana
Strong, earthy nose; looks like a dark rose, but there are some medium tannins on the palate. A strange yet pleasant wine.

(Tasted Apr 9, 2010)


2003 Jayer-Gilles - Bourgogne Hautes Cotes de Beaune Blanc
Earthy chardonnay

(Tasted Apr 15, 2010)


2005 Comte Lafond - Sancerre
Tried this wine during the appetizer portion of dinner - paired with amuse bouche of creamy goat cheese crostini. Bright and cheerful, less fruity on the nose than many Sauvignon Blancs. Very pleasant.

(Tasted Apr 14, 2010)

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Everyone Could Use a Little Sparkle...
I love the holidays.  The crisp winter air, the music, the family, the food, and the best part - the bubbly.  Not that you have to wait for a special occasion to break out the Champagne (I certainly don't!) - but the...

Created  Dec 29, 2009

My New Italian Love Affair
I love Italian food, but I know absolutely nothing about Italian wine.  (My personal cellar is over 50% French, with an affinity for pinot noir, champagne, Cremant d'Alsace, and white Burgundies.)  Aside from the...

Created  Nov 1, 2009

2009 Wine & Spirits Top 100
The annual Wine & Spirits Top 100 event sends many oenophiles into a frenzy - 100 fantastic international wineries pouring their best offerings until the waters run dry (literally)- what's not to like? Being a...

Created  Oct 15, 2009

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Created  Oct 15, 2009