Fonseca's wines have been created by family winemakers throughout the years, using traditional stone lagares to produce their top quality vintage port. Today's winemaking team is looking to employ new technologies such as piston paddle vats, known as port-toes to improve the quality of its non-vintage port wines. David Guimaraens, sixth generation Guimaraens, is the current winemaker and strives to maintain the house's quest for quality, complexity and structure, as well as its prominent position in the world market.
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4 Products

2017 Fonseca Vintage Port
  • 98 WA
375 ml - 1.5 L
$50.00 - $209.00
2016 Fonseca Vintage Port
  • 98 JS
  • 97 WA
  • 97 WS
1.5 L
1997 Fonseca Vintage Port
  • 93 WA
  • 93 IWC
  • 91 WS
750 ml