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Choose from 5 different scoring scales for your personal wine reviews
Add your picture, bio and blog or website to your profile
All your tasting notes are appended with a link to your site and your "Blogger" status
Add a Vinfolio Badge to your blog or website that displays wine that you've recently reviewed, purchased and consumed.
Share your love of wine with friends on Facebook
Share your love of wine with friends on Facebook

Blogger platform

Join the only cellar management community that promotes YOU!

VinCellar, powered by Vinfolio, is a free and easy-to-use web-based cellar management tool for wine enthusiasts and collectors, and is specifically outfitted for wine bloggers. Using the latest Web 2.0 technologies, VinCellar provides comprehensive cellar tracking data and tools, automatic cellar valuation based on retail and auction pricing, integration of professional wine reviewer content, and a rapidly expanding, robust online user community.

Get started today and partner with the upcoming leader in wine community tasting notes.

How does VinCellar support bloggers?

Like your wine blog, VinCellar is targeted toward wine lovers and enthusiasts. Users utilize its comprehensive features to keep up to date on the status of their collections. In addition to these user-friendly tools, Vinfolio has built a blogger-specific platform to promote your reviews, scores, and profiles side-by-side with those of professional wine critics.

Use VinCellar and take advantage of features like:

Free, web-based tasting note management:
  • Access your tasting notes from any computer, anytime, anywhere
  • Enter and search wines and reviews from your iPhone. Learn more
Easy batch upload of tasting notes via our Excel-based import tool

Save time and consolidate all your tasting notes in VinCellar by using a simple Excel template and our easy to use import tool. Learn more

Support for multiple scoring systems

Choose from 5 different scoring systems for your personal wine review ratings (100 point, 20 point, 10 point, 5 start and 3 star scales). Learn more

Ability to upload your own label images

Tired of seeing “Image not available” for wines you have reviewed, purchased or consumed? Take matters into your own hands. Submit your own label image when we don’t have one. Learn more

Linking to your individual—blogger-designated—VinCellar public profile page which includes:
  • Your name and photo – which you can upload yourself
  • A brief bio
  • Your blog name and link to your site
  • A blogger designation with your trust rating and number of reviews
  • A listing of recent tasting notes with a link to all posted tasting notes
Unrestricted promotion of your blog and authored content with automatic:
  • Appending of your Blog/Website link and blogger status to all of your notes
  • Attachment of your profile picture to all of your tasting notes
Individual RSS feed of your tasting notes

Ability to create a VinCellar Badge for display on your Blog/Website

Let your fans know which wines you have recently reviewed, purchased and consumed by adding a Vinfolio Badge to your blog or website.

Integration with social media networks and multiple sharing tools:
  • Facebook
    • Share recent cellar activity and tasting notes with Facebook friends
    • Facebook app “My VinCellar” publishes cellar activity in a profile Box and in your News Feed
    • View and share activity in VinCellar with your Facebook friends
  • Twitter
    • Link your VinCellar to your Twitter account to create automatic “Tweets” of your VinCellar activity
    • Post a link to any wine or review listed in VinCellar to your Twitter account
  • Email
    • Email a link to any wine or review listed in VinCellar
  • Individual RSS feed of your tasting notes
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