VinCellar offers two easy ways to add wine to your account. You can add wines individually or import them in batches via our Excel spreadsheet import wizard by following the instructions below.

Adding individual wine (mouseover screenshot to enlarge)
  1. Sign in to your account and select “Add wine

  2. Enter the name of the wine you'd like to add and click “Search

  3. Select the wine by checking the box on the left and then Click “Next: Enter Details

  4. Enter details like Quantity, Price, Location etc.,  select your sharing preference and click “Done


Importing wine in batches (mouseover screenshot to enlarge)
  1. Log in to your account and select “Import wine and tasting notes

  2. Click “Download Excel template” or the “Tips” link for helpful guidelines

  3. Enter your wine into the Excel template, save to your computer and return to the “Import wine and tasting notes” screen when you are ready to upload your spreadsheet

  4. Click “Ready to Upload”, locate your spreadsheet using the “Browse” button and then click “Upload

  5. Verify your wines by selecting “Approve matches” or “Remove from import” line by line, or click “Approve Page” to verify all wines at once

  6. Once you’ve verified and approved all your wines, click “Add Wines To Your Cellar” and confirm by once again clicking “Add Wines To Your Cellar” in the pop up window that appears