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Sell wine

Most collectors, at some time, find themselves in a position to sell all or part of their collection. Regardless of the size of your collection, deciding how, where and for how much to sell your wine can be an overwhelming process. Vinfolio offers two ways to sell your wine that are fast, transparent and simple.

Wines may be sold through the Vinfolio Marketplace or with Vinfolio Fixed-price Auctions. Both are supported by Vinfolio's ecommerce engine and offer low fees, anonymous selling, fast payment and no buyer's premium.

Sell via the Marketplace

The Vinfolio Marketplace gives wine enthusiasts and collectors access to the world's largest online fine wine source, with thousands of bottles offered for sale. An optimal sales channel for private sellers, the Marketplace offers low fees, no hassles and broad sales exposure.

Wine sold in the Marketplace must be:

  1. Vintage 1970 or later.
  2. Bottle size less than or equal to 6 liters.
  3. Physically located within the United States.
Mark your wines for sale in VinCellar (mouseover screenshots to enlarge)

Before you mark your wine for sale, you must first upload it to your VinCellar account. Learn more.

There are several places within VinCellar where you can easily mark your wines for sale via the Vinfolio Marketplace. You will have the option to select the number of bottles you want to sell and set a minimum sale price.

  1. “My Cellar” overview – click on the “Marketplace” tab and select “Mark all wine for sale”

  2. Click on a wine name in "Standard view" which takes you to the wine detail page and then simply click “Sell via Marketplace” to list that wine for sale

  3. From the wine listing page, click on the arrow on the left-hand side and choose “Sell via Marketplace” to mark that wine for sale. You may also select the “Put on Action List for later” option

  4. Click on the "Sell wine" link under Common Tasks or the "Sell" button at the top right hand of any "My Cellar" page.

Marking wine for sale: Next steps

Once you've selected an area from which to begin, the process to mark wine for sale is the same.

Vinfolio highly recommends that you set an asking price and enable auto-accept in order to increase the exposure of your wine listings, which can lead to more sales.

After you've clicked on either "Sell wine" or "Sell via Marketplace" you will arrive at the following screen:

  1. Indicate the quantity you would like to sell in the "Qty to sell" field.

  2. You now have several choices in the “Selling Options” section. You may:

    1. Indicate an "Asking price,” which is displayed to bidders. This is optional and non-binding.

    2. Enable "BuyNow" so bids that meet or exceed your asking price are auto-accepted at that price.

      Note that if there are multiple qualifying sellers for a given bid, the lowest "BuyNow" asking price or "Reserve" price wins.

    3. Indicate private "Reserve" price at which you would be willing to sell your wine. Bids meeting or exceeding your private Reserve price will be automatically accepted.

      Note that bidders can see that a "Reserve" price has been set, but are unable to see the actual price. If there are multiple qualifying sellers for a given bid, the lowest "Reserve" price or "BuyNow" asking price wins.

    4. Click "Advanced options" to specify the minimum bid quantity required in order for auto-accept to be triggered or set an expiration date which disables auto acceptance of bids triggered by your "BuyNow" or "Reserve" price.

  3. Once you've set all of your selling parameters, click "Finished".

  4. Be sure to read the Auto-accept "Obligations" and "Cancellations" terms and click "Next" to complete the "Seller Details" and proceed to the "Confirmation" screen. You can access Vinfolio's full terms from the "Cancellations" screen.


    Note that you only have to agree to the Vinfolio Marketplace Auto-accept "Obligations" and "Cancellations" terms once. Later, if you wish to enable Auto-accept with a "BuyNow" asking price or "Reserve" price, you will merely need to confirm the "BuyNow" or "Reserve" prices and click "Submit".

Sell via Vinfolio fixed-price auctions

Vinfolio offers a simple, transparent and profitable way to sell your wine via a fixed-price auction lasting 90 days. Upon evaluation of your wine, Vinfolio may also offer a shorter-term fixed-price auction with a sale guarantee. All of our fixed-price auctions are conducted as buyout auctions.

To get started, simply send us the list of wines you'd like to sell.

How it works:

  • Submit a list of wines to be sold
  • Vinfolio provides an itemized price quote on eligible wine
  • Approve price quote, in whole or in part, and return signed contract
  • Transfer wine to Vinfolio for inspection and storage; Vinfolio acts as a bailee for your wine until it is sold
  • Receive payments on sold wine within 10 business days from the 1st and 15th of the month
  • At 90 days, review pricing with Vinfolio Buyer or request that unsold wine be returned to you

Submit your wines to Vinfolio (mouseover screenshots to enlarge)

Use VinCellar to submit wines to sell via Vinfolio’s fixed-price auctions. You may submit your wines from several areas within VinCellar (see options below). You will be able to select how many of each bottle you would like to submit for sale and a Vinfolio representative will follow up with you to discuss the pricing of your wine.

  • You may also create a Sell list from the "Standard view" of your cellar, by clicking on the right hand arrow for each of the wines you would like to sell and selecting “Put on Action List for later”. Within the  “Action List options” section, select “Put on Sell List”.  

  • Access your “Action List” from the link at the top left-hand side of the page.

  • Select "Sell via Vinfolio" to sell via a fixed-price auctions.

  • Preview your wine list again and check the boxes next to the wines you want to sell via a fixed-price auction and then click "Sell via Vinfolio".


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