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2011 Sojourn - Pinot Noir Sonoma Coast


2005 Rauzan-Segla


2006 Leoville Barton


2007 Darioush - Cabernet Sauvignon Signature


2011 Peter Michael - Cabernet Sauvignon Au Paradis


2011 Tensley - Syrah Colson Canyon Vineyard


2010 Beau Vigne - Cabernet Sauvignon Juliet


2012 Peter Michael - Ma Belle Fille


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Latest tasting notes

nrinaldi 90

2013 Kuonen - Salquenen

nrinaldi (Tasted 02/05/2016)

nrinaldi 90
94 91

1999 Silver Oak - Cabernet Sauvignon Alexander Valley
drink now, won't last much longer. needs to open for 20 minutes or so, refined
Randy (Tasted 02/05/2016)

Bill 90

2003 Matriarch
Somewhat dissapointent wit hthe wine - is good but nothing special - missing balance
Sessio (Tasted 02/05/2016)

2003 Leoville Barton
What an incredible well balance Bordeaux tasting wine - the only thing missing is the old Bordeaux taste that can only be given with some time. This is excellent!
Sessio (Tasted 02/05/2016)


2000 Pontet-Canet

Elwood (Tasted 02/05/2016)

Rossboss 93

2013 Silvestri - Pinot Noir
This was excellent, even better than I remember at the tasting room. Made in a hedonistic, fruit-driven style, it's richly extracted with a darker color, as full bodied as it gets for Pinot Noir. Strawberries dominate with some black cherries, but very intense cola and caramel. Texture is smooth with decent acid. Thyme and nutmeg. Excellent even on its own and great with dark chocolate. The cedar box nose just keeps going, 2+ hours after it was opened.
Rossboss (Tasted 02/05/2016)


2007 Silver Stag - Cabernet Sauvignon
phenomenal: big bouquet with a long finish, incredibly smooth.
Rmann (Tasted 02/05/2016)