Shipping & Local Delivery

Vinfolio gives you full control of your shipping preferences by letting you choose the exact day your wines ship out and at what speed. Orders placed before 11am PST may be shipped the same day.

Shipping Methods

Vinfolio Safe Shipping: Between November and June, we use an automated Weather Check system to ensure your wine is not shipped when temperatures are over 75°F or under 20°F. All ready-to-ship orders default to the Safe Shipping option during this time and will ship only on a Monday or Tuesday, so that it arrives no later than Friday of a given week.

Weather Hold: If your order is held due to weather, you will be notified by email, and we will attempt to re-ship your order the following week, after again checking the temperature forecast. If adverse temperature conditions are still present, orders will again be placed on weather hold. You may choose to release the Weather Hold at any time, either by email or by calling Customer Care.

Please note that during the summer months, all wine is shipped at the customer's own risk using either Temperature Control or Overnight Morning delivery only.

Standard Shipping: This may be the right choice for you if you need wine to arrive at its destination by a specific date (e.g., for an event). We always recommend using the fastest option possible to protect your wine, but for this option, you may decide when you want to ship. (Please note, this option is at Customer's own risk, and releases Vinfolio from any responsibility for temperature-related damage.)

We are currently able to ship directly to the following states as local guidelines dictate. If for some reason you are looking to receive your wines elsewhere, please contact us at or call us at (800) 969-1961 to discuss alternative options or long-term storage opportunities. We look forward to finding a solution that fits your needs.

District of Columbia

New Mexico

New York
North Carolina
North Dakota
South Carolina

Estimate Shipping

Local Delivery

Local Delivery Services: Vinfolio offers local delivery services in the San Francisco Bay Area plus Napa and Sonoma counties in our 55° temperature-controlled vans.

Local Delivery Fees: Local delivery costs $12 per carton with a four-carton minimum ($48 minimum charge) and are subject to route availability. For requests that cannot be accommodated using our vans, we may be able to arrange an alternative and quote you the rate we are given.

Transit Insurance

Wine in transit (via our vans, FedEx, or others) is fully insured for up to $100 per shipment at no charge when arranged by us (additional coverage is available upon request). This insurance covers missing shipments, breakage, and other non-temperature related damage. (See Vinfolio Safe Shipping above as a means of protecting your wine from temperature-related damage).

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