Purchase Guarantees

Shop with confidence. Vinfolio guarantees the availability of pre-arrivals, conditions and delivery of every wine we sell in the Vinfolio Wine Store. This excludes final sale wines and purchases made via our Marketplace (wines sold by Private Collector), which are sold "as-is".

Please note: all wine shipped overseas, wine over 10 years old, and special order wines are final sale.

Wine Guarantee

If you are not satisfied with your purchase of fine wine from us, or we have made an error with your order, please email us immediately at service@vinfolio.com explaining the reasons for your dissatisfaction. Each situation will be reviewed on an individual basis in light of facts and circumstances of that case and resolved promptly. Other than for Vinfolio errors, we generally cannot accept a return if title has been transferred to you for longer than 90 days because the passage of time generally limits our ability to recover credit from our supplier and we have no way of verifying your storage conditions.

Pre-arrival Guarantee

It may occur that a supplier of Vinfolio is unable to deliver the quantity or bottle sizes originally sold to Vinfolio which it has then sold to Customer. From the date such a supplier default is determined, Vinfolio guarantees it will attempt to repurchase the wine from another source (for up to three months) to fulfill its commitment to Customer. If, however, the Customer wishes to cancel the order without waiting for a replacement to be found, or Vinfolio is unable to source the wine within 3 months at a total cost equal to or below the original retail price paid by Customer, Vinfolio will refund the original amount paid, including applicable sales taxes (without any cancellation fee applied). This guarantee does not apply to delays in pre-arrival deliveries as expected arrival dates provided at the time of purchase are only Vinfolio's best estimates.

Return Policy

We may ask you to return questionable bottles (including both opened and unopened ones) to us for evaluation and for possible return to our supplier. Such bottles must have the Vinfolio-generated barcode label attached as proof that the wine came from us. Should we accept responsibility (in our sole discretion), we will either exchange bottle(s) or issue a credit towards future purchases (including round-trip shipping charges). Set forth below are examples of both valid and invalid reasons for returning wine, which are subject to Vinfolio's investigation, review and final evaluation of the relevant facts and circumstances regarding a particular request for return.

Valid reasons for return:

Invalid reasons for return:

Wine shipped overseas, wine over 10 years old, and special order wines are final sale.

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