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Storage Prices

# of Units Price
1 - 999 $3.35
1,000+ $3.00
Minimum monthly charge $16.75 (5 storage units) as of 5/1/10
Size Fits Price
375ml 12 btls $8.00
750ml 6 btls $6.00
750ml 12 btls $8.00
1.5L 6 btls $8.00
3.0L 1 btl w/ foam $12.00
5.0L 1 btl w/ foam $12.00
6.0L 1 btl w/ foam $12.00
Unreturned Pallet $20.00


Service Price
Delivery** $10.00/carton
Pick-up*** $10.00/carton
Pick-ups and deliveries must be scheduled in advance. Packing services on pick-ups are available if scheduled in advance.

Full-Service Storage

Vinfolio's full-service storage is designed for total convenience and protection of your wine investment, at prices comparable to self-service storage.*

  • State-of-the-art facility in American Canyon.
  • Expert staff to handle all pick-ups and deliveries.
  • All bottles individually inventoried and loaded into VinCellar.
  • 3 (or 6) months of storage included with all Vinfolio purchases.
  • Online Reporting including Storage Activity Report documenting your arrivals and removals.


24-hour video camera surveillance and motion detectors with pen-pad access.

Climate Controlled

Ensures a constant 55-57°F and 60-70% humidity.


Steel racks bolted to the floor and each other with fire detection system (includes temperature alarms) and sprinkler system.

Upon arrival of your wine, Vinfolio:

  • Notifies you by email that wine has arrived.
  • Verifies each bottle including vintage, wine name, quantity and bottle size and enters this data into VinCellar.
  • Photographs front and back bottle labels (as necessary) for use in VinCellar.
  • Prints and applies bottle and case barcode labels.
  • All wine is stored in light-proof lay-down cartons on dedicated pallets for sufficient quantities. (Shared pallets or case-based steel racking may be used when quantities are insufficient to complete a pallet.)
  • Wine picked up or arriving in Styrofoam shippers or in customer boxes that are damaged will be repacked in Vinfolio storage boxes.

* Vinfolio provides durable cardboard boxes that allow for variations in bottle size. Our 6 x 750ml box is designed to accommodate tall bottles.

Storage is paid for with storage units. Each storage unit entitles you to store one case for one month and includes inventorying and handling (in/out) services. A case is defined as a 9.0L equivalent – 12 x 750ml, 6 x 1.5L, etc.

Storage units are completely flexible, and you may purchase them in advance to receive volume discounts. When cases are removed from storage, you may use pre-purchased storage units to extend storage for remaining cases or add new cases. Your storage units are applied on the first of each month based on the average daily volume of wine in storage for the prior month.

Please Note: For non-Vinfolio purchases only, we will charge $1.25 per bottle (any size) that is pulled out of storage within 6 months of initial entry. Storage units are nonrefundable, nontransferable and never expire.

** We use refrigerated, insulated commercial cargo vans kept at 55°F.

Partial cartons accepted. Two carton minimum.

*** Includes all locations within our Service Area and Napa/Sonoma wineries (where permitted).

Pick-up is free for over 25 cartons.

Packing services are $5.00 per carton (any size) plus the cost of any cardboard storage boxes.

Corporate Office1890 Bryant St, Ste 208San Francisco, CA

Napa Warehouse644 Hanna Dr, Ste EAmerican Canyon, CA 94503

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