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NV Niepoort - Tawny Port 10 years old 375ml
-1 Niepoort - Tawny Port 10 years old
Portugal - Douro
Red / Port Blend
NV Niepoort - Tawny Port 10 years old
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Professional Reviews


Wine Spectator Author: Kim Marcus

There's lots of chocolate, hazelnut and dried fruit flavors in this elegant tawny, which is very suave, with a long finish that's filled with cream, sandalwood and luscious white fruit flavors.

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For The Love of Port Author: Roy Hersh Issue: Issue 22

A light strawberry color not all that different than the Senior in its hue. That is where the comparison ends. This shows significantly more influence from the small pipes used in the aging. Jose Nogueira was sitting with us while we tasted it. Great texture and a gentle almond flavor were quite enjoyable. The finish was longer and with a better aftertaste than most other Ports in this category.

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Community Reviews


Koby Trust Rating: 97 Tasted On: 12/26/2009 Drink Dates: 2010-2020 Site Blog: The Wine Forum

Night 1: Color: Caramel with red hues, definitely a baby. I would think this could easily age i bottle another 10 years and still be delicious. Nose: Red fruits and nutty more tawny notes mingle nicely. Unlike any Tawny I have ever had, and have not had that many I might add so excuse me if this sounds a little amateurish. Palate: Long finish, medium to full bodied. Sweet, but at the same time just as much acidity, a nd flavor concentration of fruit and nuts. Amazing acidity that cleans up the finish superbly. Paired amazingly well with a caramel, graham, pecan, and vanilla pie, topped with slow cooked apples. The acidity in the fruit and the wine were a perfect match as the acidity was reduced in the apples by being caramelized. Night 2: More of the same and I can't get over the beautiful color of this tawny. More of the aged tawny notes are starting to dominate, caramels, candied orange, brown sugar. Night 3: Orange peel and blossom, candied almonds accentuate the above notes. The concentration, yet supple medium body of this port wine speaks of exceptional wine making.

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