2009 Calera - Pinot Noir Central Coast 750ml

USA - California - Central Coast/ Red / Pinot Noir
2009 Calera - Pinot Noir Central Coast
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Score: 69
Author: Jimby
Tasted On: 06/22/2012
The odoriferous aroma of this delicate, yet indurate Pinot Noir reminds me of a time when the winds of the East Bay flowed through the fibers of my PJs, tickling my scrotum. It sent me to place I shall never forget due to its utter beauty, flavor and sheer exuberance, and because any such description of this place fails in comparison to the magical imagery to which my mind indulged me too. For each sip I took of this exquisite and masterfully crafty beverage I couldn't help but laugh at the number of starving children and poor souls I could help with the money I spent on this wine. I instead converted the wine into pee many hours later, because I can, and you can't, and that's life
Score: 92
Author: Zarm
Trust Rating: 88
Tasted On: 01/12/2012
Spice, earthy cola. Dark red/brown fruit.
Score: 90
Author: Patrick
Trust Rating: 96
Tasted On: 12/21/2011
Getting better, still a bit heavy on the dark fruits

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