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Shipping & Local Delivery

Vinfolio gives you full control of your shipping preferences by letting you choose the exact day your wines ship out and at what speed. Orders placed before 11am PST may be shipped the same day.

State shipping laws prohibit us from shipping directly to the following states:


New Hampshire
New Jersey
North Dakota

Rhode Island
South Dakota
West Virgina

However, shipping services near our warehouse are usually able to deliver the wine. See our list of shipping alternatives or contact a Wine Specialist at 800.969.1961 for more information.

Shipping Alternatives

The following firms specialize in shipping wine within the United States. This list is provided as a courtesy to customers and does not constitute a recommendation or endorsement to use any provider. You will need to make arrangements directly with your preferred shipper. We can deliver your wine to your preferred shipper anywhere within the San Francisco Bay Area (plus Napa and Sonoma counties) at no charge provided the delivery is of 6 or more purchased bottles.

Aero Packing, Inc.

122 Dodd CtAmerican Canyon, CA 94503



Buffalo Shipping Post

2471 Solano AveNapa, CA 94558





St. Helena Shipping Co.

1241 Adams StSt. Helena, CA 94574





Stagecoach Express

3379 Solano AveNapa, CA 94558





The Packing Co.

1277 San Mateo Ave.San Bruno, CA 94066



WineCare Logistics, Inc.

644 Hanna Dr, Ste. CAmerican Canyon, CA 94503





Shipping Methods

Vinfolio Safe Shipping: This is a good option to use when you are more concerned with protecting the condition of the wine while in transit than the shipment's specific arrival date. Vinfolio will ship your wine so that it arrives no later than Friday of a given week. While our recommendation is to ship the fastest means possible, this can be expensive (even at our discounted rates).

Standard Shipping: You decide when you want to ship and when you want the wine to arrive at its destination. This may be the right choice for you if you need wine to arrive at its destination by a specific date (e.g., for an event).

Second shipping attempt: By default, we will attempt to re-ship any orders on weather hold the following week, after again checking the temperature forecast. If adverse temperature conditions are still present, orders will again be placed on weather hold.

Initial weather hold notification: If your shipment is subject to a weather hold, you will be notified by email prior to your shipment date. Upon an initial weather hold, you may ask us to ship regardless of conditions by returning the email or calling Customer Service. You may ask us to change your shipping method to Standard Shipping by returning the email or calling Customer Service. If you do not respond, we will automatically attempt to ship the following week.

Second weather hold notification: If your shipment is subject to a second weather hold, you will again be notified by email no later than your shipment date. You may ask us to change your shipping method to Standard Shipping by returning the email or calling Customer Service. If you do not respond, we will transfer your order into storage at our temperature controlled warehouse the following week. It will remain there until you re-request shipment.

Marketplace Shipping

Marketplace orders will automatically be added to storage once they have passed inspection. You'll receive an email notification and can arrange shipping when convenient.

Wine sold through the Marketplace that is not stored in Vinfolio storage must arrive at Vinfolio within two weeks after the bid was accepted. You must use the Marketplace Shipping Wizard, accessible from VinCellar/MyAccount, to prepare and box your wine and set up delivery method. All wine from outside the SF Bay area must be shipped using Vinfolio's FedEx account. Inbound shipments are accepted from all states except Massachusetts. Local sellers may request Vinfolio pick-up or they may drop off their sold wine at our American Canyon or San Francisco warehouse.

  • If your shipment contains multiple boxes, prepare all boxes at the same time.
  • Each separate box must have a unique packing slip that matches the wines in that box.
  • Wine must be packaged in styrofoam wine shippers in good condition.
  • You may request a Vinfolio pick-up if wine storage zip code is in our local delivery area. Pick-up is free if you are requesting pick-up for transactions totaling 6 or more bottles. Pick-ups of less than 6 bottles cost $10. You must call Vinfolio customer service at 800-969-1961 to schedule a pick-up and should do so within one week of accepting a bid to ensure availability on our pick-up schedule. Please ensure boxes are properly labeled and packing slips are included in all boxes.

Vinfolio will provide you with dates on which the wine must be sent and designate the speed by which it will be sent (which may vary with weather conditions). Please note that all wine must be shipped on a Monday or Tuesday to safeguard the wine.

After you have chosen to ship your wines via FedEx in the Marketplace Shipping Wizard, you must either call FedEx to schedule a pick-up or drop your package off at a FedEx drop-off location. Visit to find your nearest drop-off location.

Vinfolio has negotiated heavily discounted shipping rates and passes these savings along to you (we do not make a profit on shipping.) Additionally, when you are selling bottles valued at $100 or more, Vinfolio provides a shipping cost subsidy:

  • 1.5% of the gross value for bottles sold at $100 to $199 per bottle.
  • 2.0% when bottles are sold at $200 or more.

For example, if you sold 12 bottles for $200 each, your shipping subsidy would be $4 per bottle or $48 which could reduce your actual shipping costs to, but not below, zero depending on your wine shipment's point of origin.

When you accept a bid, we will provide a cost estimate for the wine in your accepted bid as if it were shipped alone. You can take advantage of volume efficiencies, which could lower your per-bottle shipping cost, by combining multiple bid acceptances into a single shipment. All wine shipping together must meet the latest due date of the earliest transaction in the shipment.

Transit Insurance

Wine in transit (via our vans, FedEx, or others) is fully insured for up to $1,000,000 at no charge when arranged by us (additional coverage is available). This insurance covers missing shipments, breakage, and other non-temperature related damage. (See Vinfolio Safe Shipping above as a means of protecting your wine from temperature-related damage).

Corporate Office1890 Bryant St, Ste 208San Francisco, CA

Napa Warehouse644 Hanna Dr, Ste EAmerican Canyon, CA 94503

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